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FACULTY(In order of strokes of Chinese surname)
Han Xuesong

National First-Grade director
Supervisor of postgraduate
Han took his Master degree from the Directing Department of Shanghai Theatre Academy in 1989.
His hard work has earned him an number of awards, including Excellent Drama Award and Excellent Director Award of National New Drama Performances, Best Drama Prize and Best Director Prize of China Culture Award, Golden Lion Award, Excellent Drama Award of National Children Drama Award, Excellent Drama Award of CCTV Short Drama Contest, Excellent Work Award in the performance of 50thanniversary of the founding of PRC, Excellent Director Award of National Cao Yu Drama Contest, the First Prize of National College Students Drama Exhibition, Excellent Drama Award in National Pingju Opera Performance, Best Director Prize at Short Drama Contest in the Region of Liaoning, Jilin and Heilongjiang Provinces, Best Director Prize of Heilongjiang Fine Art Project, Excellent Drama Award at Shanghai Children Drama Performance, Excellent Performance Award, etc.
His research articles have been awarded several prizes, for instance, “Surface and Essence of Drama Ideal-About Drama on Cruelty” won the First Prize of Drama Theoretical Research in region of Liaoning, Jilin and Heilongjiang Provinces; “Create Infinite Beauty with Finite Space” carried off the First Prize of Excellent Teaching Result of Social Science in Heilongjiang Art Academy; “The Aesthetic Function of Dancing Art in Drama’s Stage” earned the Second Prize of the 2nd National Script and Review Contest.