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FACULTY(In order of strokes of Chinese surname)
Liu Yonghua

Head of Stage Art Department in Shanghai Theatre Academy
Professor Liu has beenengaged in painting teaching and archaeologicalresearch into recovery of army uniform, weapons, carriages, harness, ceremonial rituals in ancient China. His important works include Carriages and Harness in Ancient China and The National Costume of China, etc. His booksArmy Uniform in Ancient China and China's National Hair Accessorieswere granted the 10th and the 12th China’s books Award respectively, another book Carriages and Harness in Ancient China won the Special Award at the 2nd National Stage Art Exhibition. His published research articles include “Wearing Code of Swords in Ancient China and Chariots War”, “Cavalry War and Military Strategy in Ancient China”,etc. some of which were translated by China Daily into foreign languages for overseas readers. His painting works were exhibited in many major exhibitions at home and abroad. Hong Kong Museum of History and Italy Casa Marka Foundation has held special exhibition for Liu’s Painting works, some of which were permanently collected by these institutions.