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FACULTY(In order of strokes of Chinese surname)
Li Jianping

Supervisor of Ph.D.candidates
Professor Li has long been involved in practical work and teaching for theatredirecting and specializes in drama and opera writing. His major works include stage plays “Ping TouBai Xing” (Common People), “Tu Fu” (The Butcher), “An Lian Tao Hua Yuan” (The Peach Blossom Land), musical plays “HaiFeng Chui Lai” (Wind from the Sea), “Qing Chun Nie Pan” (The Rejuvenation), Huangmei Opera “Feng Yu Li Ren Xing” (a story about three female patriots), “QiangTou Ma Shang”(a love story between Pei Shaojun and Li Qianjin) and Yu opera “Dou Li Xian Ling”(A Poor and Virtuous Official), etc. His research articles include “Instruction of Theatre Directing”, “Director’s feeling toward style”, “Pain-the Fountain of Art”, etc. He has received “Wen Hua Director Award” at the 11th Wen Hua Award, “Excellent Drama Award” at National New Stage Drama Exhibition, “Five Important Project Award” (a prize granted by Publicity Department of CPC Central Committee to encourage high quality works of theatre, TV drama, film, books and research articles), “Excellent Director Award” at National Opera and Musical Drama Exhibition and “Excellent Director Award” at the 4th and 5th PLA Joint Art Performance.