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FACULTY(In order of strokes of Chinese surname)
Li Sha

National First-Grade Actor
Li Sha has received a series of prizes, such as the 19th China Theatre Plum Blossom Award, the Principal Actor Award at the 13th White Orchid Award and the Excellent Performance Award at the 2nd and the 7th China Theatre Festival.
Major works under her direction include: Yu Opera “TianJie and Zhuang Zhou”, experimental drama “Gu Shi XinBian-Bu TianPian” (old story, new telling-filling the hole in the sky), the Opening Ceremony Show in Chengdu Grand Fair, biographical drama“Hong Yi Fa Shi” (Master Hong Yi), song and dance show “QiangFeng” (the Culture of Qiang Ethnic Group), song and dance drama “Jin Da Ban De ZuiHou Yi Ye” (The Last Night for Jin Da Ban), narrative drama “Hong Xing Zhao Yao ZhongGuo” (Red Star Shines Upon China) and Chuan Opera “Yi Dan Da” (the role’s name), etc.
Her major published research articles include “The Evolution of the Life Created by the Role”, “Telling the Touching Story in the Ordinary Life-Elaboration from the Director of Chuan Opera ‘NiuYu’ru’” (the role’s name), “Multi-Impressions: After Watching Dramas in Kansai Region” and “About Directors in Tokyo’s Theatre Studio”.