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FACULTY(In order of strokes of Chinese surname)
Wang Lijun

National First-Grade Actor. A CPPCC National Committee member and the President of Tianjin Dramatists’ Association, Wang Lijun has won the following honorary titles: Tianjin New Long March Pace-Setter, Tianjin Model Worker, Tianjin Outstanding Communist Party Member, and Tianjin Youth Model. He has also been granted a “May 1” Labor Medal as the National Outstanding Cultural and Arts Worker and the Youth Prize for Outstanding Contribution. Wang enjoys special allowance rewarded by State Council.
Representative plays starred by Wang Lijun are Heroes’ Justice, Changban Slope, Han Jin Kou, The Rescue in Wild Boar Forest, Eight Hammers, Zhao Yun Chases the Boat, Yanyang Pavilion, Lin Chong Escapes to Liang Shan at Night, Concatenate Traps, A Heroic Death in Taiping City, Mount Dingjun, Yang Ping Guan, Qin Qiong Sells The Horse, Fisherman’s Revenge, Yang Silang Visits His Mother, Wujia Slope, Sanjiadian and so on.
Wang has been awarded the 3rd Chinese Drama Plum Blossom Prize, Mei Lanfang Gold Prize, the 1st honorary title of China Peking Opera Star, the Gold Prize of the Military Plays Contest in the 4th China Peking Opera Art Festival, and the Leading Role Prize of the 16th Shanghai Magnolia Drama Prize.