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FACULTY(In order of strokes of Chinese surname)

Vice President of China Stage Art Academy
Director of Shanghai Stage Art Academy
Member of Committee of Image Design Experts of the Ministry of Culture
Head of Shanghai Image Design Panel
Expert with Honorary Allowance funded by State Council
Xu has long been engaged in teaching and researching of the image design in opera, TV drama and movies. Her important works include The Design and Techniques of Stage Makeup, 400 Questions about Modern Beauty Makeup, etc. Her major works of image design can be found in Art Show “Zhou Se” (Color), stage dramas “Heng Li Si Shi” (Henry IV), “Qing Gong Wai Shi” (Emperor Guangxu), “Jia” (Home), TV Drama “Yuan Ye” (A Wide Field), etc. As national first-grade art image designer and national first-grade judge on beauty makeup profession, Xuhas acted as Art Director of the large-scale art show of APEC and as Judge of Asia Hair Makeup Contest on every session. She has received Bao Steel Excellent Teacher Award, the Second Prize of Outstanding Teaching Result granted by the Ministry of Education and the First Prize ofOutstanding Teaching Result in Shanghai.