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FACULTY(In order of strokes of Chinese surname)
Xu Ming

Member of China Stage Art Academy
Member ofShanghai Stage Art Academy
Member of China illuminating Engineering Society
Member of Shanghai illuminating Engineering Society
Xu currently offers such courses as “Stage Lighting Design”, “Basic Techniques of Stage Lighting”, “Special Techniques of Stage Lighting Projection”, “Lighting in TV Dramas and Movies” and “Introduction to Stage Lighting Design”. He has produced three books, including Lighting in TV Dramas (co-author), Stage Lighting Design and Course of Stage Lighting Design (co-author), a published research article “How to Maintain a Balanced Image Effect in Photographing Stage Performance”, and several textbooks, including Basic Techniques of Stage Lighting and Introduction to Stage Lighting Design. His lighting designs can be found in opening ceremonies of such events as the 8thNational Games of People's Republic of China, the 6th China Art Festival, 1998 World Sports Meeting for Mid-School Students and 12th Provincial Games in Zhejiang Province, as well as in the Art Show of the 2nd shanghai International Art Festival, musical drama “Hang FengYue Wu” (Han-style Music and Dance)and stage drama “Shi JiuZhuang Li Hun An Diao Cha Pou Xi” (Investigations of 19 divorce cases).