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FACULTY(In order of strokes of Chinese surname)
Yu Qiuyu

Professor, Famous Scholar, Writer, Expert with the Honorary Allowance funded by State Council
Yu once served as President of Shanghai Theatre Academy and received the honorary title of “Young and Mid-age Outstanding Experts” in 1987 and the honorary title of “Top Ten Elites in Shanghai Higher Education” in 1993.
He has produced plenty of prose and works on the history of Chinese and foreign art. His major works include: The History of Theatre Theory, The History of Chinese Theatre Culture, Theatre Aesthetic Phycologyand The Creation of Art. His prose on Chinese culture once hit and remained on the best seller list for quite a long time, including Wen Hua Ku Lv (The Culture Journey), Shan Ju Bi Ji(The Journal of Travel), Shuang Ling Chang He (The Long and Cold River), QianNian Yi Tan (A Sign for the History), Xing Zhe Wu Jiang (No Boundary for Travelers), etc. As a famous scholar, he has lectured in many universities, government institutions, social communities as well as academic institutions at home and abroad.