China Drama Research Centre of Shanghai Theatre Academy holds a seminar on the performance of “A Madman’s Diary”


On the morning of 2 April 2021, the China Drama Research Center of Shanghai Theatre Academy held a seminar on the performance of "AMadman’s Diary" directed by Polish director Krystian Lupa. The conference was chaired by Yang Yang, vice president of the Shanghai Theatre Academy, Xi Meijuan, chairwoman of the Shanghai Federation of Literary and Artisticcircles, Yang Shaolin, chairman of the Shanghai Theatre Association, Qian Cheng, producer of “A Madman's Diary, Yu Rongjun, artistic director of the Shanghai Drama Art Center, and Qian Cheng, artistic director of Shanghai Dramatic Arts Center, Hu Zhiyi of the Zhejiang University, Gao Ziwen, dean of the Department of Theatre, Film and Television of Nanjing University, Wang Hong, deputy editor-in-chief of the “Shanghai Theatre magazine, and more than 20 professors and experts from our university, including Ding Luonan, Gong Baorong and Chen Jun, attended the seminar.

This is another time that Lupa brings Chinese writers’ works to the stage after “Mofei”. Lupa does not put Lu Xun's novel on the stage intact, but his play fully reflects his understanding and interpretation of Lu Xun's novel. The play had two rounds of trail performances in Harbin and Shanghai, which has aroused wide repercussions and become a drama phenomenon that has attracted much attention recently.