Shanghai Theatre Academy holds mobilization and deployment meeting for party history study and education


On 18 March, the Shanghai Theatre Academy (STA) held the mobilization and deployment meeting for party history study and education at the Changlin Road Campus, which marked the start of the party history study and education in STA.

Xie Wei, Party Secretary of STA, delivered a speech at the meeting, and made an all-round mobilization on carrying out the party history study and education in the Shanghai Theatre Academy.Xie Wei pointed out in his speech that we should have a deep understanding of the great significance of carrying out the party history study and education; we should closely align with the characteristics of the university and complete various study and education tasks with high standards and high quality; we should earnestly strengthen the organization and leadership to ensure that the party history study and education willachieve solid results.

Huang Changyong, Deputy Party Secretary and President of STA, presided over the meeting. Hu Min, Deputy Party Secretary of STA, explained the Implementation Plan of Party History Study and Education of the Shanghai Theatre Academy at the meeting. All members of the Party committee of STA, heads of the general Party branches and directly affiliated Party branches, and members of the middle management team participated in the mobilization and deployment meeting.