“Teachers and Staff’s Home” of Shanghai Theatre Academy is recognized as “National Model Employees’ Home 2020"


Not long ago, the All-China Federation of Trade Unions announced the list of recipients of the title of "National Model Employees' Home 2020", with the Teachers and Staffs Home of Shanghai Theatre Academy (STA) as one of them.

STAers all know very well that it is a hard-earned honor. It attributes to the persistent and step-by-step efforts of the trade union of STA to do practical and good things for the teachers and staff members.

The trade union of STA always adheres to the people-oriented principle, and pays great attention especially to building up the software and hardware facilities of the Teachers and Staffs Home, thus making it a warm and multifunctional place that the teachers and staff members like to come in and are willing to stay to take a rest and do other things.

In 2010, the trade union of STA began to build up a teachers and staffs home in line with the characteristics of STA and with the function of a lounge. From the glass room, roof garden, indoor furniture to wall tiles, the leaders of the trade union of STA have personally involved in all these to ensure fine layout and meticulous beautification.

After ten years of improvement, the Teachers and Staffs Home of STA has become one of the most favorite places in the university for the teachers and staff. Whether it's for a meeting, a break or for meeting guests, the teachers often say, "lets go to the trade union!"

There is a cup of good coffee for the morning, there is a sunny meeting room, there are comfortable sofas for taking a short rest, and there are green plants and seasonal flowers everywhere. For ten years, this place has become one of the first choices for receiving alumni, taking photos and videos, and holding small events.

It is the pursuit of trade union to continuously explore the potential of existing space. The teachers and staffs home also performs part of the functions as the women's home with such facilities as the mommys cottage etc, thus fulfilling the care for female teachers and staff.

Now, in close alignment with the universitys four centres layout for campus development, the trade union of STA has also set up the teachers and staff’s homes at the Lianhua Road Campus, the Hongqiao Road Campus and the Changlin Road Campus respectively, making every effort with high standard to let every teacher feel the warmth of the university.

The trade union of STA and the teachers and staffs home of STA have been recognized by the leaders and teachers internally and externally, and have received visits by other universities and colleges on a number of occasions. The teachers and staffs home of STA has also become the fit-out "model" for other homesof the its kind within the system of the Shanghai Education Trade Union.

This space which is not so big has been the venue for various kinds of events such as the the events of the Female Professors Friendship Association, the Outstanding Young Female Teachers Friendship Association, the Shanghai Education Trade Union Southwest Section, the Women's Federation and the Overseas Chinese Federation etc, thus making the Teachers and Staffs Home of STA a famous brand.