"Appreciation of Chinese Operas", a MOOC course of STA, lands on xuexi.cn platform


Last year, six courses of the Shanghai Theatre Academy were recognized as among the first batch of national first-class undergraduate courses by the Ministry of Education. Among them, an online course has now been launched on the "xuexi.cn" platform.

Led by Professor Ye Changhai of the Shanghai Theatre Academy and with the joint efforts of experts and scholars from all over the country, "Appreciation of Chinese Operas", a MOOC course for universities, has recently been launched on the “xuexi.cn” platform of ". As soon as the course went online, it has attracted a great number of internet users to click and watch it, and has received very high praise from them.

A brief introduction to the “Appreciation of Chinese Operas” course:

There are more than 300 kinds of Chinese operas all over the country. According to the spirit of "Opinions on the Implementation of Traditional Chinese Opera Entering School Campus" jointly issued by the Publicity Department of the CPC Central Committee and the Ministry of Education in 2017, the course "Appreciation of Chinese Operas" selects representative operas for explanation and appreciation, so as to promote the introduction of traditional Chinese opera into classroom teaching and make contributions to the spread and popularization of Chinese opera knowledge and the promotion of traditional Chinese culture.

The content of the course mainly includes three aspects:

- Introduction of the history of the formation and evolution of the selected operas;

- Elaboration on the main artistic features of the selected operas;

- Analysis of the status quo and development trend of the selected operas.

At the same time, it puts forward three learning objectives for students:

-To understand the knowledge of traditional Chinese opera and improve the level of artistic appreciation of traditional Chinese opera;

-To recognize the classics of traditional Chinese opera and enhance cultural confidence;

-To cultivate opera lovers and contribute to the spread of Chinese opera classics.

List of chapters of the “Appreciation of Chinese Operas” course:

Chapter Number



Chapter One

Overview of Chinese opera and Kunqu Opera Appreciation

Ye Changhai

Director, Institute of Advanced Studies on Chinese Theatre, Shanghai Theatre Academy

Chapter Two

Appreciation of Qin Opera

He Sang

Vice President, Shaanxi Provincial Academy of Arts

Chapter Three

Appreciation of Sichuan Opera

Du Jianhua

Research Fellow, Sichuan Provincial Academy of Arts

Chapter Four

Appreciation of Cantonese Opera

Wang Kui

Director, Institute of Traditional Chinese Opera, Chinese National Academy of Arts

Chapter Five

Appreciation of Hunan Opera

Yan Shiyi

President, Hunan Provincial Academy of Arts

Chapter Six

Appreciation of Henan Opera

Zhang Daxin

Professor, College of Arts, Henan University

Chapter Seven

Appreciation of Peking Opera

Xie Yongjun

Research Fellow, Institute of Chinese Opera, Chinese National Academy of Arts

Chapter Eight

Appreciation of Yue Opera

Cao Lingyan

Vice President, Shanghai Institute of Arts

Chapter Nine

Appreciation of Pingju Opera

Xie Dong

Research Fellow, Tianjing Municipal Academy of Arts

Chapter Ten

Appreciation of Huangmei Opera

Fang Xiqiu

Professor, Anqing Normal University

Chapter Eleven

Appreciation of Chinese Operas of Ethnic Minorities

He Lin

Professor, Minzu University of China

Chapter Twelve

Appreciation of Fujian and Taiwan Opera

Wu Hui Ying

Vice President, Xiamen Municipal Academy of Taiwanese Arts

Chapter Thirteen

Appreciation of Local Operas of Tanhuangqiang System

Zhu Hengfu

Professor, Shanghai Normal University