STA’s “Secret Recipe" for Creating Good Sound


In the 6th Sound Academy Awards which were just announced, the College of Film of Shanghai Theatre Academy (STA) won two "Second Prizes for Film and Television Works", one "Excellent Instructing Teacher Award" and one "Excellent University Organization Award", which achieved new breakthroughs in terms of the level of awards and the number of winners.

The "Sound Academy Awards" of China Society of Motion Picture and Television Engineers is the first professional award for students' works in China and is a national first-class academy award, which has been set up by the China Society of Motion Picture and Television Engineers. Since its establishment in 2015, the STA College of Film has been actively selecting excellent students' works to participate in the competition, which has been highly recognized by the Organizing Committee and the judges for each year’s competition.

The two works that won the second prize were "The Musical Brush" directed by Hou Zhuyuan of MFA 2018 and "Alslan" directed by Nurchardi of Film and Television Photography and Production 2016. Professor Zhan Xin is the sound instructor of the two short films. The two short films took more than a year from preparation to completion. In order to make the film as perfect as possible, each participating teacher and student has done their best.