College of Continuing Education Holds Teacher-Student Lunch Meeting of 2020 Academy Year


Recently, in order to better promote and implement the reform and innovation of the college, the College of Continuing Education held the teacher-student lunch meeting of the 2020 academic yearin the conference room on the second floor of the Foxi Building. As the leader of the university in charge of the Continuing Education College, Zhang Jiachun, member of the Standing Committee of the CPC Committee and Chief Accountant of the Shanghai Theatre Academy, once again participated in the annual "family lunch". She had a cordial conversation with more than 30 student representatives, head teachers and teacher representatives from all grades, majors and teaching centres of the college. She listened to the queries and suggestions of students and teachers with regard to their study, work and life, and tried to coordinate the resources of the college and the university to help address the urgent needs of teachers and students. Relevant persons-in-charge from the College of Continuing Education also attended the event.

The "Teacher-Student Lunch Meeting" is different from any of the previous teacher-student meetings. It is a cordial "family salon" between leaders of the university and the college and teachers and students, and an attempt of reform and innovation made by the college in the ideological and political work. Although the lunch forum was short, the atmosphere was warm. Finally, Zhang Jiachun made a concluding speech. She gave full recognition to the role of such a lunch meeting as a platform built by the college to facilitate the communication and exchange between teachers and students