STA College of Dance Held Its First General Meeting of All Teaching and Administrative


On 10 December 2020, the College of Dance of Shanghai Theatre Academy (STA) held its first general meeting of all teaching and administrative staff. Prior to the general meeting was formally held, a number of meetings of the preparatory committee and the presidium had been already. The general meeting was attended by 57 formal delegates and, in addition, there were 15 non-voting delegates composed of retired staff and part-time teachers. Zhang Weiling, deputy party secretary and vice president of STA, Chen Jianian, dean of the STA College of Dance, and Yang Xinhua, vice dean of the STA College of Dance College, attended general meeting as the specially-invited leaders.

At the general meeting, Chen Jianian, dean of the College of Dance, gave an administrative work report and a financial briefing. The administrative report comprehensively summarized the work of the College of Dance in 2020 in the aspects of COVID-19 prevention and control, undergraduate and postgraduate teaching, discipline construction, creation and performance, student affairs etc. The financial briefing gave a detailed description of the income and expenditure, financial management principles and state-owned assets of the College ofDance in 2020.

Liu Jianming, chairman of the Trade Union of the College of Dance, provided a report of the work of the trade union from three aspects: regular work, key work and characteristic work.

The delegates were divided into three discussion groups to review the administrative work report and the trade union work report of the College of Dance respectively and discuss their feelings and opinions. Closely focusing on these reports and the progress status of the college's development, all discussion groups expressed their views and put forward some opinions and suggestions.

Zhang Lin, party secretary and vice dean of the College ofDance, expressed his thanks to all the teaching and administrative staff who had worked hard for the construction and development of the college on behalf of the party and administrative leadership teams of the college. Healso put forward some thoughts and ideas for the future work of the college.

Finally, Zhang Weiling, deputy party secretary and vice president of ST, delivered a speech.