Shanghai Theatre Academy Awarding Meeting for Excellent Students in 2019-2020 Academic Year Is Held


As the year 2020 is drawing to a close, a group of teachers and students of Shanghai Theatre Academy have recently receivedvarious kinds of commendations at various levels.

On 3 December, the Shanghai Theatre Academy Awarding Meeting for Excellent Students in 2019-2020 Academic Year was held in the Duanjun Theater on the Huashan Road Campus. Leaders of the university, including Xie Wei, Huang Changyong, Zhang Weiling, Tang Litu, Yang Yang, Zhang and Jiachun, as well as heads of various colleges and departments, attended the meeting and presented awards to the representatives of teachers and students winningdifferent kinds of honors.

In the 2019-2020 academic year, 1159 undergraduate students and postgraduate students won various kinds of awards, including 16 recipients of national and Shanghai municipal scholarships; 451 undergraduate students won the universitys own comprehensive scholarship, 214 undergraduate students won the universitys own major-specific scholarship, and 132 students won the undergraduate freshmen scholarship; 178 postgraduate students won the academic scholarship, 176 students won the postgraduatenew student scholarship, and 8 undergraduate students won the special scholarship for Peking Opera and Kun Opera inheritance and protection. At the same time, there was also a group of collectives and individuals who won various kinds of awards, honors and titles for model classes, model collectives, advanced youth league branches, high-achieving students, excellent student leaders, social responsibilities, active participants in practical training, employment work for graduates, and outstanding head teachers etc.

Recently, the Shanghai Municipal Education Commission issued a notice to commendthe outstanding workers on the employment work for graduates of higher education institutions in Shanghai. Wei Yanling, a full-time counselor of the STA College of Film, and Shan Qi, an employment manager of the Student Affairs Office, were among the recipients of this award.

In addition, eight colleges and departments were awarded the title of "Advanced Collective of Employment Work" for Graduates and 22 individuals were awarded the title of "Advanced Individual of Employment Work for Graduates" which were issued by STA itself.

In recent years, STA has established and further improved the funding system of "scholarships, loans, stipends, work-study programs, subsidies and exemptions", actively constructing a long-term funding and education mechanism integrating material help, ethicscultivation, ability development and moral encouragement, and focusing on cultivating students' good qualities of self-reliance, honesty, trustworthiness, gratitude and courage to take responsibility.

During the COVID-19 pandemic, we carried out the selection of excellent cases of online learning, thereby setting up good examples of constantly striving to be better and stronger and being determined to pursue studies. We also carried out the Youth Power and Responsibilityselection of outstanding typical cases, fully discovering the typical cases of volunteer service among students from economically disadvantaged families during the COVID-19 prevention and control, and highlighting thespirit of the times reflected in the sense of responsibility held by students receiving financial aid. We organized students who were recipients of scholarships or financial aid to carry out the "I Speak for Financial Aid" campaign through an online and offline combined means, in which the financial aid publicity ambassadors to back to their hometowns to publicize the financial aid policies of the country, thereby helping with poverty alleviation through education, and cultivating students' sense of motivation, gratitude and giving back to the society.

Xie Wei, Party Secretary of the Shanghai Theatre Academy, on behalf of the party and administrative leaderships of the university, congratulated all the advanced collectives and individuals who had won the commendation, and expressed his gratitude and best wishes to all the teachers and staff members who had contributed selflessly and worked hard in the front line of education, teaching and talent cultivation training for the sake of the personal growth and professional development of students. Xie Wei hoped that all students of STA would stick to themselves, be down-to-earth and strive forward, and that in the future study and life, they should study steadfastly, strive for perfection and develop themselves into an art professional useful to the country and the society.