Vocational High School-Undergraduate Articulation - Starting from Thoughtfully Designed Syllabus


General Secretary Xi Jinping points out that Chinese opera is the treasure of Chinese culture, and the key to the prosperity and development of Chinese opera is people.

In order to optimize the training structure of Chinese opera talents and further promote the comprehensive reform of art education, according to the spirit of the “Notice of the Shanghai Municipal Education Commission on Carrying out the Pilot Work of the Secondary Vocational Education-Applied Undergraduate Education Articulation Training Mode”, the Shanghai Theatre Academy and the Chinese Opera School Affiliated to Shanghai Theatre Academy took the lead jointly in exploring the training mechanism of the articulation program for students majoring in Peking opera performance. With the continuous advancement of the trail of the new mode, the review and compilation of the syllabus appears to be particularly critical.

On the basis of preliminary work of interviews, sorting and composition, the Seminar on Vocational High School-Undergraduate Articulation Syllabus for Peking Opera Performance Major was held at the Lianhua Road Campus recently. This seminar has further clarified the direction of and provided experience and methodology for advancing the training of Chinese opera talents with the new mode of “Vocational High School-Undergraduate Articulation”.

Qian Ping'an, Party Secretary and Principle of the Chinese Opera School Affiliated to Shanghai Theatre Academy, delivered a speech at the seminar. The experts participating in the seminar listened to a report on the progress of the syllabus preparation made by Jin Xiquan, Vice Dean of the Chinese Opera College of Shanghai Theatre Academy and Vice Principle of the Chinese Opera School Affiliated to Shanghai Theatre Academy. The experts had a lively discussion on the guiding principle, training objectives, training methods, teaching phases and methods of the syllabus. On a number of days after the seminar, special discussions were held separately to explore from different angles how to make the "Vocational High School-Undergraduate Articulation" training mode more mature and further optimized.