Shanghai Theatre Academy Will Set up a Shanghai Municipal Level Cultural and Creative Practice Base for College Students


As announced in the relevant document of the Shanghai Municipal Education Commission, the proposal of "Drama+ Cultural and Creative Practice Base" submitted by the Shanghai Theatre Academy has been successfully approved. This is a tangible and important move of the Shanghai Theatre Academy in response to the "Three Year Action Plan for Culture-Education Integration in Shanghai (2019-2021)".

The "Drama+ Cultural and Creative Practice Base of Shanghai Theatre Academy is led by the Student Affairs Department (Office) and established in conjunction with the Shanghai STA Art Development Co Ltd with the goal of cultivating cultural and creative talents, and exploring to establish a sustainable operation mechanism based on the "1+4+1" mode.

The "1"

  • Set up a joint team of the cultural and creative base team: Set up a professional and highly efficient university-enterprise joint management team, including daily operation group, cultural and creative mentors group and enterprise advisors group.

The "4"

  • Build four exchange platforms for cultural and creative art: Build a targeted cultural and creative education system among students, which incorporates a research and exchange platform for innovation and entrepreneurship, an exchange platform for the creation, selection and competition of cultural and creative works, an exchange platform for cultural derivatives, red-theme cultural and creative works and art exhibitions, and an exchange platform for the performance and showcase of drama, Chinese opera, singing and dancing works.

The "1"

  • Drive the establishment of a circular mechanism of incubation and giving-back: Through such innovation and entrepreneurship programs and competitions as the "Shell Pecking Program", the "Innovation Program" and the "Entrepreneurship Competition" etc, select students’ cultural and creative projects with potential, provide project support and incubation, and facilitate their "last mile" towards the market. At the same time, through such activities as "Alumni Return Home" lectures, entrepreneur alumni salon and alumni enterprises job fair etc,  give back to the innovation and entrepreneurship education of the university, providing a broader scope of resources for students' practice, employment and entrepreneurship.

"Drama+", the width of this stage is beyond imagination, and we will have a lot to achieve!