12 Graduate Students of Our University Win National Outstanding MFA Graduation Achievement Award


Recently, the National Art Degree Graduate Education Steering Committee issued the commendation notice on the selection results of the "National Outstanding MFA Graduation Achievement Award", which announced that the graduation works of 12 graduate students of our university had won the National Outstanding MFA Graduation Achievement Award, including 3 in drama, 3 in radio and television, 2 in Chinese opera, 3 in dance and 1 in fine arts, which reflects the fruitful results of our university in theMaster of Fine Arts (MFA) education in the past 15 years.

In 2005, our university was one of the first institutions to obtain the accreditation to enroll MFA students, with the majors on offer coveringthe seven specialized areas of drama, Chinese opera, radio and television, film, art design, dance and fine arts, thus making us the university with the largest number of MFA majors in China. In recent years, the MFAtraining of our university has been aimingatdeveloping a first-class MFA education that matches the status of an international cultural metropolis. To this end,we have successively launched the "Wisteria Blossom" MFA Graduation WorksPerformance Season, the public performance system for original dramas, and the original scripts competition etcin a view to cultivating innovative, applied and compound art talents urgently needed by the society.