STA Holds Large-Scale Academic Conference on "The Past and Future of Film: Digital Technology, Audio-Visual Narration and Image Culture"


From 7 to 8 November 2020, the Large-scale Academic Conference on "The Past and Future of Film: Digital Technology, Audio-Visual Narration and Image Culture" was successfully held at the Shanghai Theatre Academy. This large-scale academic conference was sponsored by the Film Culture Research Center of Shanghai Theatre Academy and the “Contemporary Film” magazine, and co-sponsored by the Shanghai Film Association, the Shanghai Film, Television and Theatre Theory Research Association, the Shanghai Theatre Academy Base of China Literature and Art Critics and the Shanghai Film Critics Society.

At the opening ceremony on the morning of the 7th, Yang Yang, Vice President of the Shanghai Theatre Academy, first congratulated the successful opening of the conference. His speech was full of expectation and confidence in the distinguishing features of the conference. Relevant leaders of the “Contemporary Film” magazine, the Shanghai Film Association and the Shanghai Film Critics Society delivered speeches respectively. The opening ceremony was presided over by Li Zhenlin, Dean of the Film and Television College and Director of the Graduate School of Shanghai Theatre Academy. He also announced two newly appointed special-term professors of the Shanghai Theatre Academy in 2020, namely, Jan Schütte, former president of the American Film Institute and professor of Harvard University, and Professor Kees Van Oostrum, President of the American Cinematographer Association.

The keynote speech session was presided over by Professor Wan Chuanfa from the Film and Television College of Shanghai Theatre Academy. Leaders, experts and scholars from the China Film Critics Society, the Shanghai Film Academy of Shanghai University, the Film, Television and Theatre Research Center of Peking University, the Asian Film, Television and Media Center of Nanjing University, the Chinese Collegial Association for Visual Art, the Beijing Film Academy, the Film Art Research Center of Fudan University and the Shaanxi Film Association made keynote speeches respectively. At the eight sub-forums, the participating experts held in-depth discussions on eight aspects of film, i.e. aesthetics, narration, industry, recording, media, performance, image and historical theory, focusing on the key word "technology".

The conference run for two days, with more than one hundred participants. The outcome of this conference is not only an examination of the current film theory circle, but also a review and restart of history. It is to not only embrace new technologies, but also reflect on the history and alert the present. More importantly, it is based on the development of Chinese films and the subjectivity of Chinese films, and is of great significance to the development of Chinese films at present and in the future.