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"Education - Our Loyal Cause" - STAers are in Action!

11 September 2020

On 9 September, "Education, Our Loyal Cause - Teachers' Day Celebration of Shanghai 2020" was held in the Shanghai Conservatory of Music Opera House. This activity was sponsored by the CPC Shanghai Municipal Committee for Education and Health Work and the Shanghai Municipal Education Commission, and organized by the Shanghai Theatre Academy (STA). Chen Qun, Vice mayor of Shanghai, Yu Lijuan, Deputy Secretary-General of the Shanghai Municipal People's Government, and other municipal leaders attended the event, and presented certificates to the representatives of teachers who won the title of "Shanghai Special-Grade Teacher" and the teachers who won the title of "Shanghai Model Teacher 2020”. Xie Wei, Party Secretary of STA, attended the event.

STA has organized the Teachers' Day Celebration of Shanghai for more than ten years. During the past ten years, STAers not only participated in the whole process of planning, writing, coordinating and organizing the events, but also took part in all aspects of the work behind the scenes, thus making significant contributions to the success of all previous events of the city's Teachers’ Day celebration.

In this year's Shanghai Teachers' Day Celebration, teachers and students of STA participated in the writing, performance and recitation of some chapters., as well as in the overall coordination of the event and the work behind the scenes of the performance. Zhou Yin’e, Deputy Party Secretary of STA and Secretary of the Discipline Inspection Commission, Zhang Weiling, Deputy Party Secretary and Vice President of STA, and Zhang Jiachun, Chief Accountant of STA, participated in the first performance of the Shanghai University Presidents Chorus comprised of retired leaders of the city’s education system and party secretaries and presidents of higher education institutions in Shanghai. The directing, stage design and lighting design of this year’s celebration were also undertaken by creative teams from STA. Once again, STAers fully demonstrated their professionalism in the Teachers’ Day Celebration of Shanghai.