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"Devote to Moral Education and Talent Cultivation, Carry Forward Teachers' Moral Quality" – STA holds a theme event to celebrate 36th Teachers' Day

11 September 2020-09

On the afternoon of 10 September, the theme event of Shanghai Theatre Academy (STA) to celebrate the 36th Teachers' Day was held in the STA Experimental Theatre. STA leaders Xie Wei, Hu Min, Zhou Yin’e, Zhang Weiling, Tang Litu, Yang Yang and Zhang Jiachun attended the event. Teachers, staff members and students of the entire university, as well as alumni representatives, participated in the theme event on the spot. The event was also broadcast live through the Internet.

The Teachers' Day this year coincided with China achieving significant strategic results in the fight against COVID-19. The fact that STA officially commenced the new semester on 7 September, as well as the revival of vitality on campus and the restoration of offline teaching, added to the joy of the Teachers' Day.

At the beginning of the theme event, commendation was made in honor of a group of teachers who had recently won awards at the municipal level, and certificates were awarded to teachers and staff members who had been engaged in education and related work for 30 years (or 25 years for female). Wang Xueming, Party branch secretary of the Acting department, and Wang Aona, a teacher of the College of Marxism, spoke on behalf of the long-serving teachers and newly commenced teachers respectively.

At the theme event, STA officially issued the “Proposal to Learn from Teacher Zhu Yufeng”, calling on all teachers and staff members to learn from Zhu Yufeng's advanced deeds, carry forward the fine tradition of STA, put STA’s spirit of “Excellence and Perfection” into practice, cultivate people for the Party, train talents for the country, implement the fundamental task of establishing moral values and cultivating talents with practical actions, and strive tirelessly for the successful realization of the goals and objectives of STA’s "14th Five Year Plan".

Professor Yu Qiuyu, former president of Shanghai Theatre Academy, was also invited to attend the Teachers’ Day theme event. As the special gifts for the Teachers’ Day, Professor Yu Qiuyu donated the book “Da Mei Ke Zhui” (Grand Beauty to Trace Back) that he had authored and prefaced, as well as a long scroll written by calligrapher Su Sheqin for the preface, to the Shanghai Theatre Academy for permanent collection.

Xie Wei, Party Secretary of Shanghai Theatre Academy, delivered a speech at the theme event.

At the end of the theme event, an oath ceremony was held for the newly commenced teachers.