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Proposal to Learn from Teacher Zhu Yufeng


Teacher Zhu Yufeng is a national first-class actor. He has been teaching in the College of Chinese Opera of Shanghai Theatre Academy (STA) since 2004. He is a full-time teacher of Peking Opera performance (male character with a painted face). He was awarded the excellent performance award of the national young Peking Opera actors TV competition, the title of "best teacher" in the teaching exchange and demonstration of young and middle-aged teachers of Peking opera performance major in tertiary art institutions; he was awarded the title of “representative inheritor of Peking Opera” in Shanghai’s intangible cultural heritage program; he was selected as an advanced model for “being a person, being a teacher and being a learner” in Shanghai’s education system in 2019, and was shortlisted for the first "Most Beautiful STAer" selection .

In his 16 years of career as a teacher, Zhu Yufeng, with a strong sense of responsibility for inheriting the excellent traditional Chinese culture and a great sense of mission to cultivate young Peking Opera talents, has worked hard with a high degree of dedication to provide teaching rigorously and cultivate talents with care. In 2017, Zhu Yufeng was diagnosed with cancer. While fighting against the critical illness, he still cares about the students and teaching, dragging his weak body to give them patient guidance; when he was just recuperated from the serious illness, he returned immediately to the classroom to give demonstration and explanation, showing the persistence and great love of a people's teacher with his practical actions, that is, truly putting students close to his heart, and regarding the growth and development of students as the greatest happiness and highest value in his own life.

At present, STA is in the critical stage when "the 13th five year plan" period is being fully concluded and the "14th five year plan" period is about to begin. The task of establishing moral values and cultivating talents is glorious and arduous. The Party committee of STA has always attached great importance to the construction of teachers’ ethics and conduct in STA. A group of typically exemplary persons have emerged among the teaching staff in terms of establishing moral values, cultivating talents, teaching knowledge and educating people. They have made a vivid and concrete interpretation of the teachers' ethics and conduct with their own words and deeds, and Zhu Yufeng is one of the outstanding representatives of them. Therefore, on the occasion of the 36th Teacher's Day, STA solemnly issues this proposal to all teachers and staff members to learn from Zhu Yufeng: learn from him to study intensively, strive for perfection, and spread the seeds of scholarly character in the fertile soil of art; learn him to stick to the front line, be willing to act as a stepping stone, and spread the full love into the hearts of students; learn him to teach students in accordance with their aptitude, deeply concentrate on classroom, spread the career aspiration into the cause of education, and make contribute to the cultivation of excellent cultural and artistic talents!

All teachers should learn from Zhu Yufeng's advanced deeds, carry forward the fine tradition of STA, put the STA spirit of “Excellence and Perfection” into practice, cultivate people for the Party, train talents for the country, implement the fundamental task of establishing moral values and cultivating talents with the practical action of being a highly qualified teacher, and work tirelessly to achieve the goals of STA for the “14th Five Year Plan” period!