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Party members set an example by actively carrying out volunteer service as a Party Day activity

On 4 and 5 September 2020, in order to further enhance the effect of "four histories" learning and education, implement the requirements of coordinated COVID-19 prevention and control, and ensure the smooth and orderly opening of new semester, the general Party branch of Chinese Opera School attached to Shanghai Theatre Academy (“the school”) organized all Party members and some others actively applying for joining the Party to do practical things for students by way of volunteer service as a Party Day activity.

With the opening of new semester soon approaching, the school has adjusted the dormitories for some students. This involved 40 dormitories in total, with items of five classes to be packed and moved. The students who needed to move dormitories are younger and all around 11 years old. In the past, parents would be asked to enter the school to assist with the move. However, due to the current requirements of COVID-19 prevention and control, the parents were unable to enter the school. Therefore, in response to the call of the general Party branch, the party members extended a helping hand. 81 Party members from three Party branches and two others actively applying for joining the Party joined to undertake the task of moving dormitories, so as to relieve the worries of students and parents. All of them overcame the difficulties, gave up the weekend break and took an active part in this activity of voluntary service.