Shen Jun, Vice Mayor of Minhang District, pays a research visit to STA’s Changlin Road Campus


31 July 2020

On 31 July, Shen Jun, member of the Standing Committee of CPC Minhang District Committee and vice mayor of Minhang District Peoples Government, came to the Changlin Road Campus of Shanghai Theatre Academy (STA) for a research visit with regard to the “14th five year plan” of Minhang District. Zhang Weiling, deputy party secretary and vice president of STA, and the heads of relevant functional offices of STA received Shen Jun and her party.

Zhang Weiling accompanied Shen Jun and her party for a tour of the facilities in the Changlin Road Campus, including the theater, library, broadcasting studio, filming studio, screening hall and international conference center, which was followed by a discussion between the two sides. Shen Jun first introduced the purpose of this research visit in connection with the "14th five year plan" of Minhang District, emphasizing that the purpose of the research visit was to facilitate the key organizations located within the district, including STA, to connect with the "14th five year plan" of Minhang District. She said that as a famous art university, the Shanghai Theatre Academy is of great significance to Minhang District, and this significance has an important impact not only in the field of education, but also in the cultural industry. Therefore, she hoped that the "14th five year plan" of STA can be closely connected with Minhang District, Pujin Sub-district and Pujiang Town.

Zhang Weiling talked about the relevant contents in the14th five year plan of STA concerning the cooperation with Minhang District, and pointed out that STA has two campuses, e.g. Lianhua Road Campus and Changlin Road Campus, in Minhang District, and will make contribution to the development of Minhang District with these two campuses as the links. Shen Jun expressed great interest in this and hoped that STA will make full use of its advantages and participate in the regional development.

Wang Rentao, deputy director of the Minhang District Development and Reform Commission, introduced the relevant situation of the "14th five year plan" of Minhang District; Sun Peilong, party secretary of Pujin Sub-district, and Jiang Rulin, deputy director of Pujiang Town, respectively introduced the"14th five year plan" planning of their local areas, and expressed their desire for in-depth cooperation with STA.

Finally, Shen Jun hoped to further explore the district-university cooperation mode in such aspects as the development of country parks and ancient towns, the utilization of cultural facilities and the holding of cultural events, and the combination of student practice base and Pujiang development, so that the high-quality resources of STA may radiate out to Minhang.