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Department of Theatrical Literature holds a working meeting to review newly-added specializations for graduate enrollment

10 July 2020

On the morning of 7 July, the Department of TheatricalLiterature held a working meeting to review the newly-added specializations for graduate enrollment, namely, the "Theatrical Theory and Theatrical Aesthetics" specialization led by Professor Li Wei and the "Creative Writing" specialization headed by Professor Xu Yu. Chen Jun, Dean of the Department of Theatrical Literature, chaired the meeting.

The two professors respectively expounded the main points of their submissions from the aspects of discipline orientation, training objectives and preliminary teaching planning. While giving full recognition to the significance and planning concepts of the adding the two specializations, the review experts present at the meeting conducted in-depth discussions on the specific details of the orientation characteristics, training objectives, allocation of teachers, curriculum design and credit arrangement, and put forward a series of constructive suggestions for the final implementation of the two specializations.