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Today, We Embrace This Moment

On 23 June, the 2020 “Cloud-Based” Graduation Ceremony and Degree Awarding Ceremony on Cloud of Shanghai Theatre Academy (STA) was held in the New Experimental Space Theatre of STA. STA leaders Xie Wei, Huang Changyong, Hu Min, Zhou Yin’e, Zhang Weiling, Tang Litu, Yang Yang, Liu Qing, Zhang Jiachun, representatives of teachers, parents, alumni and outstanding graduates attended the “cloud-based” graduation ceremony together with more than 500 graduates online.

The graduation ceremony was presided over by Zhang Weiling, Deputy Party Secretary and Vice President of STA. In the solemn national anthem, the ceremony began. Zhang Jiachun, Chief Financial Officer, read out the “Decision on Commending Outstanding Graduates of Shanghai Theatre Academy in 2020”; Vice President Tang Litu read out the “Decision on Commending University-Level Outstanding Undergraduate of Shanghai Theatre Academy in 2020”; Zhou Yin’e, Deputy Party Secretary and Secretary of the Discipline Inspection Commission, read out the "Decision on Commending University-Level Outstanding Postgraduate Graduates of Shanghai Theatre Academy in 2020" Hu Min, Deputy Party Secretary, read out the “Decision on Commending Shanghai Municipal Outstanding Graduates of Shanghai Theatre Academy in 2020”. The four STA leaders presented the certificates of honor to the representatives of the award-winning students.

In the speech session, representatives of graduates, parents, alumni and teachers spoke in turn. It is worth mentioning in particular that Xi Meijuan, an outstanding alumna who graduated in 1976, who is now chairwoman of the Shanghai Federation of Literary and Art Circles and a famous performing artist, made a speech on the stage as one of the alumni representatives. She shared the paragraph about the "ten commandments for actors" in the book “A Guide for Drama Directors” authored by late Professor Xu Qiping of STA who was her head teacher, encouraging students to face the reality, be down-to-earth, work hard and strive to become a literary and art worker with both moral integrity and artistic excellence. Huang Changyong, Deputy Party Secretary and President of STA, delivered a speech entitled "Me and Us".

The ceremony of school flag handover was the climax of the graduation ceremony. The representatives of graduates held the school flag high above their heads, folded them carefully and neatly, and solemnly handed them to Xie Wei, Party Secretary of STA, who then passed them on to the representatives of current students. When the four current students who received the flag unfolded the school flag, there was thunderous applause throughout the theatre. In the oath-making session, all graduates stand up, raise their right fists and solemnly made the oath to the school flag.

In the degree awarding ceremony, Vice President Yang Yang read out the "Decision of Shanghai Theatre Academy on Awarding Doctoral and Master's Degrees in 2020"; Vice President Liu Qing read out the "Decision of Shanghai Theatre Academy on Awarding Bachelor's Degree to Graduates in 2020". Then, in the witness of all teachers, students and parents present both online and offline, the master of ceremony solemnly read out the name of each graduate and, at the same time, the photo of the particular graduate was shown on the large screen.

Finally, the graduation ceremony ended perfectly in the singing of “Song of Graduation” by teachers and students.