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Remembering martyrs and learning “four histories” – Party branch of Directing Department carries out Party Day activity on “four histories” learning and education

19 June 2020

In order to deeply carry out the plan of "four histories" learning and education, the Party branch of Directing Department went to the Shanghai Longhua Martyrs Memorial Museum on the morning of 18 June to carry out the Party Day activity on the theme of "four histories" learning and education.

On that day, Party members and some non-Party representatives came to visit the Longhua Martyrs Memorial Museum at 180 Longhua West Road in the rain. In front of the monument engraved with "Dedicated to the People Loyal-heartedly" in the Longhua Martyrs Cemetery, all teachers stood in silent tribute. Later, the group took a guided tour of the Longhua Martyrs Memorial Museum. Following the detailed explanation of the guide, the teachers learned a lot of martyrs' life stories.

Not long ago, Jiang Tao, a teacher and a Party member of the Directing Department, directed the first non-theater drama "Peach Blossoms of That Year" for the Longhua Martyrs Memorial Museum, which was an attempt to carry out "four histories" education in an innovative and immersive way.

This activity enabled all comrades to receive a profound baptism of patriotism and Party spirit education in mind and soul, and to deeply experience the heroic and fearless spirit of revolutionary pioneers and their sentiments of serving the country and serving the people.