International Exchanges

Shanghai builds a “carnival” for international young scholars to accumulate strength for cooperation in scientific and technological innovation

3 June 2020, Source: People's Daily Online

In order to promote international academic exchanges and cooperation and create a carnival for young scholars, the first “Shanghai University League’s Forum for International Youth Scholars“ was held online from 30 to 31 May. More than 1000 young scholars and nearly 200 world-class experts and scholars from nearly 30 countries and regions around the world participated in the forum.

The forum was sponsored by Shanghai Municipal Education Talents Exchange Service Center and Shanghai University Talents Work Alliance, and was hosted by 14 universities in Shanghai, including Fudan University, Shanghai Jiaotong University, Tongji University and Shanghai Theatre Academy etc, with the purpose of building a bridge for cooperation and exchange between young scholars around  the world and universities in Shanghai. Tencent Meeting and Wonder Information provided technical support for the forum. The forum had 20 specialized sub-forums, covering mechanical engineering, medicine, materials science, artificial intelligence, bio-medicine, theatre, film and television and many other subject areas.

On the evening of 30 May, the opening ceremony of the forum was held in Shanghai Zhangjiang Artificial Intelligence Park. Representatives of young scholars from all over the world connected online to exchange their experience of attending the forum. Tian Xuejun, Vice Minister for Education, and Chen Qun, Vice Mayor of Shanghai, delivered speeches at the opening ceremony. After the opening ceremony, the sub-forums hosted by 14 universities in Shanghai were successively opened, with first-class international experts and scholars giving keynote speeches, and young scholars actively participating in online discussion and exchange. In this forum, universities in Shanghai actively built online academic exchange platforms for outstanding young talents in various subject areas at home and abroad.

According to Xie Wei, Party Secretary of Shanghai Theatre Academy (STA), STA hosted the sub-forum of theatre, film and television, at which many foreign experts in actor training shared their unique insights online. Most of the students majoring in theatre, film and television related subjects are directly engaged in the production of cultural products after graduation. Therefore, the quality of talent cultivation will directly affect the quality of ideological and cultural products of the whole society. Through academic exchanges, STA will absorb and draw on the excellent teaching experience of other countries in its teaching work in the future.