International Exchanges

Facing today's world, we need warmth of art education even more


The "Shanghai University League’s Forum for International Young Scholars – Forum of Theatre, Film and TV" on the theme of "Future-oriented Theatre, Film and TV Education" was held on 30 and 31 May. This forum was sponsored by Shanghai Educational Talents Exchange Service Center and Shanghai University Talents Work Alliance, and was hosted by Shanghai Theatre Academy.

"Distinguished guests, experts and young scholars, good morning, good afternoon and good evening" - the greeting by Xie Wei, Party Secretary of Shanghai Theatre Academy, fully reflects the characteristics of this forum, i.e. simultaneous online and offline participation by people in different time zones.

At present, the COVID-19 prevention and control in China has entered the normalization stage, the economic and social order have been restored comprehensively, and the academic exchange and cooperation in colleges and universities are also being restarted in an accelerated manner. This forum was held by setting up the main venue in the New Space Theatre of Shanghai Theatre Academy and having more than 100 participants from all over the world attending the forum online. This was the first time that Shanghai Theatre Academy has held a large-scale international forum in the way of online and offline combination, which organically integrated the feature of onsite in performing arts with the feature of online in the Internet era. When all activities on the scheduled agenda completed at the main venue on the night of 31 May, the clock pointed to 1 June, therefore, quietly “adding” an extra day to this two-day forum.

This way of holding a forum highlighted the changes that the COVID-19 pandemic had brought to the world, and also enabled the industry to be better positioned to have new insights, new thoughts and new discoveries in the theater, film and television art and even its educational methods in the context of today's global challenges.

Tobias Biancone, Director-General of International Theatre Institute, Huang Changyong, President of Shanghai Theatre Academy, Yang Shaolin, President of Shanghai Theatre Association, Marco Stojanovic, President of World Mime Association, and Xu Zheng, famous Chinese actor and director, spoke at the meeting.

The future-oriented theatre, film and television education not only faces the challenges of onsite-online integration, but also takes greater responsibility for promoting the common feelings of people and building a community of shared future for mankind. This is an especially strong message from this forum. Jiang Ming, Director of Shanghai Educational Talents Exchange Center and Secretary-General of Shanghai University Talents Work Alliance, came to the main venue at Shanghai Theatre Academy to express warm congratulations on the holding of the "Shanghai University League’s Forum for International Young Scholars – Forum of Theatre, Film and TV". Also participating in the forum online or offline included: Yang Yang and Liu Qing, vice presidents of Shanghai Theatre Academy, Pu Cunxin, Vice President of China Federation of Literary and Art Circles and President of China Theatre Association, Catherine Fitzmaurice, world top voice training master, Christine Linklater, famous vocal trainer, Scott Trost, expert in Meisner Technique, He Yan, Dean of Acting Department, Shanghai Theatre Academy and Shanghai Theatre, Feng Yuanzheng and Tian Shui, famous performing artists, and a group of young scholars in the field of theatre, film and television.