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Shanghai University League’s Forum for International Young Scholars - Forum of Theatre, Film and TV @ Shanghai Theatre Academy


Shanghai University League’s Forum for International Young Scholars

- Forum of Theatre, Film and TV @ Shanghai Theatre Academy


I. Introduction  

“Shanghai University League’s Forum for International Young Scholars - Forum of Theatre, Film and TV @ Shanghai Theatre Academy” is an important event for the outstanding young scholars majoring in theatre, film and TV all over the world. It is hosted by Shanghai Educational Human Resource Exchange & Service Center and Shanghai University Talents Development Union, and organized by Shanghai Theatre Academy under the supervision of Shanghai Municipal Education Commission.

With the theme of “Education of Theatre, Film and TV towards the Future”, the forum focuses on the education of performing arts and the practice of performance creation. Through online keynote speeches and academic discussions, the forum will build a platform for outstanding young scholars majoring in theatre, film and TV in all countries, where they can exchange academic achievements, generate inspiration of ideas, and get a more comprehensive understanding of the development strategy, school management philosophy, discipline and talents development of Shanghai Theatre Academy.


II. Experts

This forum will invite international theatre masters, directors and deans of international theatre and film schools, renowned experts and scholars in this field, and representatives of major Chinese theatre groups to participate in online speeches and discussions.


III. Academic area

Studies of theatre, film, TV and related areas


IV. Schedule

May 30, 2020


Opening of Shanghai University League's Forum for International Young Scholars


Opening of Forum of Theatre, Film and TV


Session 1

Topic: Methods of performing arts and the pioneer practices in this discipline

May 31, 2020


Session 2

Topic: Education of performing arts and the cultivation of talents for the future


Closing of Forum of Theatre, Film and TV


V. Participants

Outstanding young scholars who graduated from well-known art colleges and universities at home and abroad, with practical experience, achievements and potential in the field of performing arts research, education or performance practice are invited to participate in the online forum.


1.Application materials:

Applicant shall provide resume in Chinese (English), including basic information (including name, date of birth, nationality, certificate type and number, mobile phone, email address, employer), education background, research field, academic achievements (including list of papers and achievements), work experience, and other necessary contents.

Please send to: Ms. Xu


May 15, 2020


VII. Organizer:

Shanghai Theatre Academy (STA)

Founded in 1945, Shanghai Theatre Academy is a comprehensive art university in China to train talents in performing arts. In the past 75 years, STA has adhered to the talent cultivation concept of supreme perfection and beauty and the school management policy of cultivating talents, producing works, generating ideas and building models, and is committed to developing into a leading art university in China with world-class reputation based on the building of a platform university.

There are four STA campuses located on Huashan Road, Lianhua Road, Hongqiao Road and Changlin Road. At present, STA has a staff of over 530 persons, including 305 full-time teachers. In addition, STA has invited a number of famous experts, scholars and artists in the industry as honorary professors, visiting professors and external experts, as a powerful supplement to the teaching staff. STA has almost 2,600 full-time students, including more than 1,800 undergraduates. The university holds 2 post doctoral programs, and is authorized to confer 2 doctoral degree programs of Level-1 discipline and 4 master degree programs of Level-1 discipline. Among them, the Theatre, Film and TV Study has been selected into the first batch of Shanghai I-class peak disciplines development plan, and STA has been selected into the second batch of Shanghai high-level local college (discipline) development project.

This forum is organized by the Acting Department of Shanghai Theatre Academy, which has a long history, profound artistic accumulation and a high-level teaching staff with professional skills, rich experience, outstanding achievements and strong influence. Through the years of accumulation and summary of teaching experience, the Acting Department has formed a set of rich, complete, scientific and standardized professional training system with remarkable outcomes. Under the department several teaching and research offices of acting, dialogue, voice and body training have been established, as well as the International Performing Arts Research Center, Suzuki Tadashi International Theatre Art Studio, Tian Qinxin Theatre Art Studio and Pu Cunxin Performing Arts Studio. In order to promote the education of performing arts and to meet the diversified needs, the Acting Department has held many international events, such as Master Class of Acting Methods, STA International Forum on Actor Training and Education, etc., and has invited many Chinese and international theatre masters and renowned experts and scholars to give courses and workshops for our students. The department maintains close communication with top art schools and theatrical groups around the world.

Since its establishment in 1952, the Acting Department has trained a number of outstanding talents of acting for theatre, film and TV, and the alumni have won many golden and silver awards in Chinese and international theatre, film and TV festivals, as well as many grand awards for theatre, film and TV creation in China, including Golden Rooster Award, Hundred Flowers Award, Huabiao Award, Flying Apsaras Award, Golden Eagle Award, Golden Lion Award, Plum Blossom Award, Magnolia Award, Wenhua Award, Cao Yu Theatre Award, etc., enjoying a high reputation and influence at home and abroad.