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Leaders of Minhang District Government and their party visits Shanghai Theatre Academy for investigation and guidance

On the morning of 18 March, Chen Yujian, Deputy Party Secretary and Mayor of Minhang District, and Yang Demei, Vice Mayor of Minhang District, led a group of officials-in-charge from the general office, economic commission, health commission, Pujin community office and Meilongzhen community office of the district to visit the Lianhua Road Campus and Changlin Road Campus of Shanghai Theatre Academy (STA) for field research of the novel coronavirus epidemic prevention and control work, and for learning more about STA’s overall functional layout and future development planning. Party and administrative leaders of STA and relevant persons-in-charge from the office of the Party committee/office of the president, logistics office and capital construction office of STA attended the research activities.


After the leaders of Minhang District Government visited the two campuses, Chen Yujian, the district mayor, gave recognition to STA’s work of epidemic prevention and control, and put forward the requirements for further strengthening detailed and practical epidemic prevention and control measures and further strengthening the contingency plan for school opening. He pointed out that while keeping up the good work in epidemic prevention and control, it is also important to do well in the work after the school opening. Minhang District should make good use of the cultural brand of STA, further promote the relevant working mechanism and system of district-school cooperation, clarify the cooperation positioning and objectives, focus on the key tasks of cooperation, and further refine and promote the signing of a new round of cooperation agreements.

On behalf of the school, Xie Wei, Secretary of STA, expressed his gratitude to the leaders of Minhang District for their support and assistance during the period of epidemic prevention and control, and made clear the responsibilities for signing a new round of cooperation agreements and other related work and assigned the tasks to specific persons to take charge, so as to ensure that the outcomes of this field research are put into practice in a timely and effective manner.

Huang Changyong, Deputy Party Secretary and President of STA, introduced STA’s current functional layout of campuses and future development plans, especially the consideration in this layout to develop the Lianhua Road Campus and Changlin Road Campus into the Chinese opera cultural heritage base and the film, television and new media centre respectively in the future. Yang Demi, Vice Mayor of Minhang District and other officials-in-charge respectively discussed the above issues with the STA leaders in terms of the district-school coupling effect, direction of cooperation, university serving community and other related matters.

Zhang Weiling, Deputy Party Secretary and Vice President of STA, provided a special briefing on the organization and leadership of the epidemic prevention and control work, prevention and control contingency plan, material reserve, campus management, online teaching and other related work, as well as the challenges for the prevention and control work after the school starts. Wang Jing, deputy director of the Minhang District Health Commission, gave recognition to STA’s work of during the epidemic, commending that the emergency response was very appropriate, and also expressed the willingness to actively support and help STA to carry out health education for teachers and students as well as the disinfection and quarantine work.

In the work of epidemic prevention and control, STA has not only made timely plans and put prevention and control in place, but also insisted on using literary and artistic works to bring people's hearts together, inspire people’s spirits and arouse the determination to flight again the epidemic. It is believed that in the near future, STA and Minhang District will greet the spring breeze and blossoming flowers together.