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Crew of “Nurse’s Diary”, China’s first original drama created by Shanghai about flighting against novel coronavirus epidemic, is formed on cloud

“Nurse’s Diary”, China’s first original drama created by Shanghai about fighting against the novel coronavirus epidemic, is about to be put on the stage. The play continues to break the record and becomes the first original drama in China to have its crew formed on the cloud. After forming the crew on the cloud, the play will also have its rehearsal on the cloud, which will also be a pioneering initiative.

Nurse Diary is jointly presented by the Shanghai Theatre Academy (STA) and the Publicity Department of CPC Songjiang District Committee and co-produced by the STA Performing Arts Center and the Songjiang District Culture and Tourism. The rehearsal is expected to be formally completed in April this year. The play will be formally staged for audience after the novel coronavirus epidemic is fully under control. The first performance will be dedicated to the angels in white, i.e. doctors and nurses who has made great contributions in the fight against the novel coronavirus epidemic.

“Nurse's Diary” is the first work approved after the establishment of STA’s leading group for major literary and art creation, and it is also another achievement of the cooperation between STA and the Songjiang District People's Government after “Dong Qichang”, a drama that is in process of cloud-based rehearsal.

Yi Tianfu, member of the Standing Committee and director of the United Front Work Department of CPC STA Committee, director of the STA Performing Arts Center and dean of the STA Department of Stage Design, is the director and stage and lighting designer of the play. His previous works have won major national-level awards for many times.

At the same time, the play has a strong creative team. Professor Lu Jun of STA and his graduate student Yuan Xianghe are the playwrights. Professor Xu Jiahua of STA, who was the chief makeup designer at the opening ceremony of the Beijing Olympic Games, is responsible for the costume and make-up design. Yang Yang, a young composer of the Shanghai Jingju Theatre Company, will compose for the play.

The cast of the play can be described as the most luxurious cast from STA in recent years, which includes Liu Wanling, national first-class actress and associate professor of the STA Department of Acting, He Yan, dean and professor of the STA Department of Acting, Wang Xueming, secretary of the Party branch and professor of the STA Department of Acting, as well as Li Chuanying, Xue Guanglei, Wan liming and Xiekezati etc, who will be joined by young actor Shen Taoran and Shanghai TV host Li Bing to perform together.