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Informatization helps support cloud-based campus

The sudden outbreak of novel coronavirus has turned the originally bustling campus into the silent mode. In order to ensure normal research, teaching and learning as much as possible for teachers and students of the entire school, the Information Office of Shanghai Theatre Academy has actively performed its duties to give effective play to the role of informatization and provide online health reporting system, VPN service, mobile office OA service, cloud-based video conference and electronic seal service etc for teachers and students of the entire school to meet the basic needs of teachers and students in terms of the use of network , office work, video conference and online teaching.

Health Reporting System for Teachers and Students


VPN Service

Mobile Office OA Service

Cloud-based Video Conference

Electronic Seal

It is worth mentioning that in order to facilitate teachers and students to work at home or undertake online teaching/learning, and better serve teaching and office needs, the Information Office has also launched the Corporate Wechat service. This service covers the portals for such Apps as health reporting, online teaching and online meeting etc. Taking online teaching as an example, the teacher can use the Corporate Wechat to initiate live broadcast by pressing just one button and share the live broadcast link to the Wechat group of his/her course/class for students to open the link and watch without having to download other Apps. Going forward, the Corporate Wechat service will launch more wonderful and convenient functions in succession.

During the epidemic prevention and control period, on the one hand, the Information Office will strengthen technical operation and maintenance, organize comprehensive inspection and monitoring of campus network security, business platform, network system and core network equipment, conduct pressure testing for application system and network bandwidth in advance, and arrange relevant technicians to provide 24-hour backstage support services; on the other hand, it will maintain active contact with China Education and Research Network and telecommunication providers to strengthen the support and logistics for STA's network, make preparations for the expansion of outbound bandwidth when necessary, and ensure the smooth operation of the campus network and information system.

Epidemic prevention and control is a tough battle. The Information Office of STA takes the initiative to give full play to the power of informatization, work closely with all stakeholders and spare no effort to help build the cloud-based campus, support epidemic prevention and control with means of science and technology and protect a safe campus.