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Delivering art courses on cloud and overcoming difficulties together – STA College of Chinese Opera kicks off online teaching

China since this winter and now the whole world are fighting against the novel coronavirus outbreak. A consequence of this special period is cloud-based teaching. Under the unified deployment of the Shanghai Theatre Academy (STA) for “suspension of classes without suspension of learning”, the STA College of Chinese Opera, after continuous exploration and modification in the early stage, adjusted the teaching plan in a timely manner, prepared lessons in advance, carried out the trails repeatedly, and independently developed the cloud-based teaching capacity. On 2 March, the cloud based teaching kicked off, covering the various majors including Peking opera performance, music for Chinese opera, directing for Chinese opera, puppet performance and composition etc. As the participants, creators and beneficiaries, all teachers and students will work together to constantly improve this new teaching mode. The leaders of the college have formed an inspection group to supervise the teaching work of all majors with full coverage. Switching from providing face-to-face instructions in the classrooms of the Lianhua Road Campus to providing cloud-based teaching in various major online teaching platforms such as Corporate Wechat, Superstar, Chinese University MOOC, Tencent Classroom, Zoom etc, the teachers have successfully gone through the process of adaption from being unused to it at the beginning to becoming used to it, then to being able to do it with skill and ease.