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Zhou Ke, teacher of STA’s Department of Directing, wins "Best Director" award of 3rd Chinese Theatre Awards

10 January 2020

The good news came at the beginning of the New Year. Zhou Ke, a teacher of Shanghai Theatre Academy (STA)’s Department of Directing, won the “Best Director” award of the 3rd Chinese Theatre Awards for directing the drama “The Pillowman”. In this work that interweaves fable and cruel reality, the director uses simple and distinct stage art means, as well as detailed and specific actions of the characters, to accurately show the complex metaphor in the original work. At the same time, another work “Oleanna” directed by Zhou Ke, won the “Small Theater Play of the Year” award.

The 3rd Chinese Theatre Awards was held in 1978 Film Town, Zengcheng District, Guangzhou on the evening of 9 January 2020 under the guidance of China Performance Industry Association. It was sponsored by Guangdong Xinghai Performing Arts Group, and organized by Guangdong Art Research Institute, “Guangdong Art” magazine and Guangdong Performance Co Ltd.

After more than one month's selection, 16 works finally stood out and went on to compete in 14 awards. The works selected for this Chinese Theatre Awards included not only the outstanding works from Mainland China, but also the masterpieces of the year from China’s Hong Kong and Taiwan regions. In terms of themes, there were not only excellent Chinese localizations and adaptations of foreign scripts, but also original scripts reflecting the current life. It can be said that these plays presented a variety of styles and were on both old and new themes.