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Open lecture of “Master Class on Viewpoints Technique” is successfully held in Shanghai Theatre Academy

7 January 2020

On the afternoon of 1 January 2020, the open lecture of Master Class on Viewpoints Technique was successfully held in the Shanghai Theatre Academy (STA). This open lecture was open to members of the general public interested in the studies of Viewpoints” technique. The lecture was conducted by Mary Overlie, the founder of Viewpoints technique, and Sophia Treanor, an expert trainer of the technique.

Professor He Yan, Dean of STA’s Department of Acting and doctoral supervisor, presided over the lecture. Mary Overlie is one of the most influential figures in the history of American dance. The Viewpoints technique introduced by STA’s International Performing Arts Research Center, which enjoys great influence in contemporary America, is the result of her years of exploration and summarization. Sophia Treanor is an actress, director, educator and biodynamic parasympathetic physiotherapist. Since 2011, she has been active in New York, Montana and Switzerland the student and assistant of Mary Overlie and a dancer.

From the perspective of philosophy, Mary Overlie provided an overview of Viewpoints” technique. She also mentioned that in the 1970s she worked with artists resident in Soho of New York, such as musicians Philip Glass and Robert Wilson, who are observers and participants of the times and the present. Her life in Soho had an important influence on her theoretical exploration and practice. In the next ten days, she will bring her experience in Soho in the 1970s to all the trainees and theoretical researchers attending the open lecture.

“Viewpoints is the result of Mary Overlie's exploration in her whole life. The six principles of “Viewpoints are space, shape, time, emotion, movement and story. She first experimented this technique in her own works. At the same time, she is also happy to see young artists around the world apply Viewpoints to theatrical works, especially Shakespeare's works. “Viewpoints is not only a suite of performance techniques, but also a tool for artists to observe and deconstruct the world, which may be applied to all things in the world.

The open lecture was successfully concluded in an atmosphere of warm discussions. After the lecture, Professor He Yan and the two experts took group photo with all trainees and theoretical researchers. From 2 to 11 January 2 to January, all trainees and theoretical researchers will travel into the world of Viewpoints following the two experts to deeply explore the six principles of Viewpoints and form a systematic understanding for application to future practice.