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2019 Shanghai Graduate Student Academic Forum and the 12th Yangtze River Delta Theatre, Film and Television Graduate Academic Forum are successfully held at Shanghai Theatre Academy

6 November 2019

From 2 to 3 November 2019, the 12th Yangtze River Delta Theatre, Film and Television Graduate Student Academic Forum hosted by the Degree Office of Shanghai Municipal Education Commission and organized by the Graduate School of Shanghai Drama Academy was successfully held at the Shanghai Theatre Academy. On the morning of 2 November, the opening ceremony of the forum was held in the FoxiBuilding. Over the past 12 years, many changes have taken place in the forum. The first is the upgrading of the organizers from the Shanghai Theatre Academy at the very beginning to the Shanghai Municipal Education Commission; The second is the expansion of the scope of graduate students from the graduate students of the Shanghai Theatre Academy to all eligible graduate students across the country; The third is the continuous enrichment of the content which has gradually added the workshops, thesis awards and other components.

Professor Chen Xihe from the ShanghaiUniversity was invited to give a keynote presentation on the theme of Research on the Thought and Development of New China's Ideological Movies at the forum. An expert panel of the forum was composed of Professor Liu Minghou and Professor Wu Baohe from the Shanghai Theatre Academy, Professor Li Jianqiang from the Shanghai Jiaotong University and Professor Jin Danyuan from the Shanghai University. 47 PhD and master's degree students from 23 universities across the country presented their theses in eight sessions over the two days. The expert panel of the forum made detailed summaries and comments on the theses of the graduate students.

On 3 November, the 12th Yangtze River Delta Theatre, film and Television Graduate Student Academic Forum concluded in the warm applause of all participants. Through the review and recommendation by the expert panel, ten graduate students won the Excellent Thesis Award of this graduate student academic forum. After being held for 12 years, the forum has not only became a platform for academic exchange for graduate students majoring in theatre, film and television, but also, to a certain extent, promoted the discipline development of the Shanghai Theatre Academy with the strength of graduate students.