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Shanghai Theatre Academy holds 2019 Young Teachers’ Teaching Competition

3 November 2019

On 1 November 2019, organized by the Academic Affairs Office of Shanghai Theatre Academy (STA) and co-organized by the Personnel Division, Teacher Affairs Office and Trade Union of STA, the 2019 Young Teachers' Teaching Competition of STA was successfully concluded in the New Space Experimental Theater.

In order to further improve the teaching ability and professional level of young teachers in STA, and implement the fundamental task of establishing moral values and cultivating talents, 10 young teachers from different departments participated in the competition after going through the process of recommendation by the department concerned, submission of application by the person concerned and preliminary screening. They were You Xi, Shi Jingxin and Lin Qinghong from the Department of Acting, Huang Mohan from the College of Creative Studies, Wu Yang, Zhang Liang, Yin Wuwei and Yan Haiyin from the College of Chinese Opera, and Xiao Yongkui and Shi Huadong from the College of Marxism and the Department of Humanities and Social sciences.

The competition was presided over by Shen Liang, Director of the Academic Affairs Office, and attended by Huang Changyong, President of STA, and Liu Qing, Vice President of STA. The jury was composed of nine experts, namely, Gao Yuanbao from the Fudan University, Yao Weixin from the Donghua University, Zhu Hengfu and Li Shunbao from the Shanghai Normal University, Xu Ke from the Shanghai University, and Gong Baorong, Zhang Shengquan, Fan Yisong and Li Ning from the Shanghai Theatre Academy. 45 students from various colleges and departments of STA acted as the student observers. Leaders in charge of teaching in various colleges and departments, teachers' representatives and heads of relevant functional offices watched the event.

First of all, President Huang Changyong made an opening speech focusing on Undergraduate Teaching is the Foundation of the University. According to the implementation plan of this competition, each course was composed of three parts, i.e. teaching design (15 points), classroom teaching (80 points) and teaching reflection (5 points). The evaluation expert group gave marks and comments to each participating teacher. At last, Vice President Liu Qing made a concluding speech in which he emphasized that the original intention and goal of the competition was to help improve the quality of undergraduate education and teaching.

The successful holding of this teaching competition for young teachers has not only stimulated the enthusiasm of young teachers to renew their educational concepts and master modern teaching methods, but also established the norms of the “teaching-centric” teaching mode that “benefits teachers and students alike in the early stage of their career. At the same time, it has also helped to advocate the teaching atmosphere and teaching research practice that all teachers of STA should concentrate on teaching, devote themselves to teaching, and diligently engage in teaching research.