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Autumn Job Fair for Class of 2020 Graduating Students is held at STA Experimental Theatre

2 November 2019

The Autumn Job Fair for Class of 2020 Graduating Students of Shanghai Theatre Academy (STA) was held in the STA Experimental Theatre on the afternoon of 1 November. The job was hosted by the Student Affairs Office and lasted for 3 hours. More than 70 employing organizations from a number of fields including media companies, professional troupes, cultural companies, film and television companies, government departments, schools, theatres, and cultural centers etc were invited to carry out campus recruitment with positions for 1,100 people. The job fair attracted nearly 300 students to attend.

Zhang Weiling, Deputy Party Secretary and Vice President of STA, and Xu Jing, Secretary of the Youth League Committee and Deputy Director of the Student Affairs Office, came to the job fair and had a cordial exchange with the employing organizations and participating students. The participating students said that in this job fair, there were many enterprises and positions they were interested in, and that they had also done the homework in advance and carefully read the recruitment brochures of the enterprises with the hope to find and secure the right employment opportunities through this job fair. There were even long queues in front of the booths of some popular enterprises, and the students were patiently waiting for the opportunity to have a face-to-face talk with famous enterprises.

At this job fair, we felt that all participating enterprises had a serious, responsible and sincere attitude towards recruitment. These enterprises gave students a lot of time for face-to-face communication, thus enabling them to have a deeper understanding of the industry and position they wanted to pursue, and some enterprise even sent senior executives to the job fair to interview students directly. After the on-site recruitment, the participating enterprises said that they would arrange further interviews on the basis of merit, and wished the students the best of luck in the selection process.

This job fair not only attracted a large number of current graduating students, but also many graduates of the previous years, students of other universities and students' parents who came to attend after hearing the news. Students who were unable to come to at the job fair on the day may still view the recruitment information of the employing organizations through the special column for the job fair on the employment promotion website, and may send their resumes through the email addresses of the employing organizations.