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Some of retired STA leaders, retired CPC members and retired teachers and staff members who are members of democratic parties visit Pujiang Campus

6 September 2019

On 3 September, organized by the retiree affairs office and the retiree Party branch, some of the retired STA leaders, retired CPC members and retired teachers and staff members who are members of democratic parties totaling more than 50 people came for a tour of the Pujiang Campus of Shanghai Theatre Academy (STA). The Pujiang Campus was officially commissioned on 1 September, and the teachers and student of the College of Film and Television and the College of Creative Studies were the first to move-in.

On behalf of STA, Han Yongsheng, deputy director of the CPC Committee Office and deputy director of the President’s Office, warmly welcomed the retired leaders and other visitors for their visit. In the round-table meeting room of the Pujiang Campus International Conference Center, Mr Han introduced in detail the facilities and equipment constructed and installed at the Pujiang Campus as well as the current operation status of the same, and showed a short video reviewing the whole planning and construction process of the Pujiang Campus. Subsequently, led by Mr Han, the retired leaders and other visitors visited with great interest the classrooms for theory class and practice class, shooting studios, International conference center, connecting bridges of teaching buildings, student dormitory building, gymnasium, fitness centre, canteen and other facilities. Then, with the arrangement of Xu Jun, deputy director of the logistics and security division, the visitors had lunch in the spacious and bright canteen of the Pujiang Campus.

At noon, after giving a lecture entitled “The First Lesson for New Students of STA” to the new students at the Oriental Land military training base, Zhang Weiling, deputy Party secretary and vice president of STA, he rushed to the Pujiang Campus to welcome the retired STA leaders and other retired personnel on behalf of the Party and administrative leaders of STA, and introduced especially the symbolic meaning of the façade color of the buildings in the Pujiang Campus: Red symbolizes STA’s mission of the time to keep the original aspiration in mind, while gray and yellow always remind STAers to have the belief of creating glories again.

Through the visit, the retired personnel had a detailed understanding of STA’s four centers structure and plans and also a good understanding of the construction and installation of teaching facilities and equipment in the new campus as well as the operation status of the same. As the witnesses of STA’s development who have deep affection about STA, the old generation of STAers sighed with emotion that STAers had come from a long way starting from the original Hengbangqiao Campus and that it was the dedication of youth and sweat generation by generation that had enabled STA's achievements today. Now, with the completion of the new Pujiang Campus, STA has more clearly defined the new spatial layout and overall planning for its development. The retired personnel all had heartfelt joy and pride for it, and jointly wished STA a prosperous and flourishing future.