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STA leaders make campus inspection tour on commencement day of new academic year

2 September 2019

Today (2 September) is the commencement day of the 2019-2020 academic year of the Shanghai Theatre Academy (STA). At 8 am, three inspection teams led by Party Secretary Xie Wei, Deputy Party Secretary Zhou Yin’e, Vice President Tang Litu and Vice Presidents Liu Qing and Yang Yang visited the Huashan Road Campus, Lianhua Road Campus and Hongqiao Road Campus respectively. The inspection teams also comprising heads of the party committee office, president’s office, academic affairs office, publicity department and various departments and colleges visited classrooms, painting studios, training studios, piano rooms, theatres, equipment rooms and other teaching venues where they inspected the teachers’ teaching, students’ attendance, classroom discipline and teaching environment.

As reflected in the inspection, on the commencement day of the new academic year, teachers and students of STA were in high spirits and showed serious attitude, and the order of teaching was well maintained, and all teaching management work was implemented in an orderly manner. There was a strong learning atmosphere on campus, while teachers and students embracing the new academic year with great enthusiasm.

During the inspection tours, STA leaders also put forward a series of opinions and suggestions on the renovation of teaching space, the expansion of teaching venues and the integration of teaching resources, hoping to create more convenient and better learning conditions for teachers and students through the collaborative efforts of various departments and functional offices.