International Exchanges

STA team makes a brilliant appearance on the world stage during the "Shanghai Time" in Kazan

30 August 2019

Recently, the delegation of the Shanghai Theatre Academy (STA) successfully completed the performance tasks in Kazan, which were related to the WorldSkills Competition, and returned to Shanghai smoothly.

The WorldSkills Competition, known as the Skills Olympics, will be held in Shanghai, China, in 2021. During the 45th WorldSkills Competition held in Kazan, Russia, the Organizing Committee of the 46th WorldSkills Competition held an official reception on 26 August, local time. Wang Yongqing, Vice Chairman of the CPPCC National Committee, unveiled the mascot and theme slogan of the 46th WorldSkills Competition, Zhang Jinan, Minister for Human Resources and Social Security, Simon Bartley, President of WorldSkills International, Olga Vasilyeva, Russian Minister for Education, and Ying Yong, Mayor of Shanghai, delivered speeches respectively. The president-designate of WorldSkills International, and David Hoey, its chief executive, as well as Zhang Hanhui, Chinese Ambassador to Russia, Tang Tao, Vice Minister for Human Resources and Social Security, Liu Jiayi, Vice Director of the CPPCC Committee on Culture, History and Learning, and Peng Chenlei, Vice Mayor of Shanghai, attended the reception.


On the evening of 27 August, at the closing ceremony of the 45th WorldSkills Competition, President Putin of the Russian Federation and President Simon Bartley of the WorldSkills International delivered speeches respectively. At the handover ceremony, the flags of the WorldSkills International were handed over to Wang Yongqing, Zhang Jinan and Ying Yong in turn. In the artistic performance session, Shanghai presented a ten-minute performance with the theme of Charming China, Vigorous Shanghai to audiences all over the world. An inclusive modern international metropolis was displayed in front of the audience on-site, announcing vigorously to the world: “Shanghai is ready for 2021”.


Invited by the organizing committee, nearly 50 teachers and students from the STA participated in the reception party and the closing ceremony. It was a task with glorious mission and great responsibility. In order to successfully accomplish this task, the leaders of STA attached great importance to it, and the International Exchange Center of STA carefully organized nearly 50 teachers and students from the STA College of Chinese Traditional Opera and the STA College of Dance to form the performance delegation. The leading groups of the College of Chinese Traditional Opera and the College of Dance also attached great importance to it. The leaders concerned of the two colleges took charge personally and organized for the teachers of the relevant disciplines and student performers to give up their rest time in the summer vacation and brave the heat to carefully plan, design, program, modify and rehearse the performances under the guidance of the directing crew of the Dragon TV.

After the performance, Wang Yongqing, Vice Chairman of the CPPCC National Committee, Mayor of Shanghai Ying Yong, Vice Mayor of Shanghai Peng Chenlei and President of WorldSkills International Simon Bartley came to the stage to shake hands with the performers. They highly praised the excellent performances of the performers, commending that they had fully demonstrated China’s standard and Shanghai’s characteristics. Relevant leaders of the Shanghai Municipal Bureau of Human Resources and Society Security and the Shanghai Radio and TV Station, the organizers of this handover event, fully affirmed the wonderful presentation of the performances by the STA performance delegation, as well as its dedicated working style.