International Exchanges

Performance Studies Seminar 2019 is held

25 August 2019

On the morning of 13 July, the Performance Studies Seminar 2019 was held in the Canberra Room of the Merry Hotel Shanghai. The conference was sponsored by the Schechner Center for Performance Studies of the Shanghai Theatre Academy (STA). Professor Sun Huizhu, Professor Shen Liang, Director of Academic Affairs Office, and Professor Zhi Yunbo, Deputy Director of Research Office, from STA participated in the conference together with Professor Richard Schechner, founder of performance studies and more than 50 Chinese and foreign scholars from China, the United States, Canada, Malaysia and other countries. President of STA Huang Changyong met with Professor Schechner before the conference.

The morning session mainly included Professor Schechner's keynote presentation and follow-on discussions. The theme of the afternoon session was Research on the International Modes of Doctoral Programs in Theatre. Foreign professors introduced several modes of doctoral programs in theatre currently existing in the world. International colleagues spoke highly about the postgraduate education at STA and also held higher expectations for it. Everyone offered their opinions and suggestions, and put forward constructive opinions on the ways of internationalization and new possibilities of STA’s doctoral programs in theatre.


The conference lasted for two days, during which the scholars were engaged in extensive exchanges and in-depth discussions, contributing to the further development of performance studies and postgraduate theatre education at STA.