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Cultural volunteers of Shanghai Theatre Academy actively participate in “The Beautiful Adventurous Youth” event for youth from both sides of Taiwan Strait

20 July 2019

From 10 to 17 July2019, 14 student volunteers from the Shanghai Theatre Academy (STA) participated in the large-scale cultural exchange event “The Beautiful Adventurous Youth” sponsored by the China Friendship Association of Cultural Circles and the Shanghai Municipal Administration of Culture and Tourism.

During their busy time at the end of the semester, the student volunteers from the animation major and the visual communication and design major of the STA College of Creative Studies elaborately designed the exclusive postcards of the event for the promotion of Shanghai’s urban culture and tourism to the Taiwanese youth to prepare for the exchange event in advance. The rest of the student volunteers also expressed their aspirations and expectations for this event by way of making video clips.

In this event, the 14 student volunteers from STA were allocated into 9 groups including three video groups and six tourism groups. They participated in the two tasks of challenge respectively, i.e. creating videos with the theme of Meet with Shanghai and Meet with You and designing a traveling route of post-graduation tour, study tour and research tour in Shanghai for the Taiwanese youth.

The creative videos and traveling routes presented by all groups were highly praised by the experts and scholars from the media, enterprises and universities. The postcards designed by the student volunteers of STA prior to the event also won the Best Creative Design Award.