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Opening Ceremony of 2019 "Hundred, Thousand and 10 Thousand-Character Plays" Closed Playwriting Workshop (Advanced Class) for Schools in Shanghai is held

11 July 2019

10 July of each year is a special day for the teaching team of the “Hundred, Thousand and 10 Thousand-Character Plays” Playwriting Workshop of the Shanghai Theatre Academy (STA). On this day, new trainees will join this playwriting workshop known as the devil training camp to receive the training from the devil coach and his partners. This morning, 20 young people with theatrical dreams came into the Shanghai Federation of Literary and Artistic Circles to attend the opening ceremony of the 2019 “Hundred, Thousand and 10 Thousand-Character Plays” Closed Playwriting Summer Workshop (Advanced Class) for Schools in Shanghai.

Xie Wei, Party Secretary of STA, Hu Min, Deputy Party Secretary of STA, Ye Changhai, Director of the STA Academic Committee, Yi Tianfu, Dean of the STA Stage Design Department, Chen Jun, Dean of the STA Department of Theatrical Literature, Ma Linhong, Dean of the STA College of Continuing Education, Sun Zen, Secretary-General of the Shanghai Education Association and Part-time Professor of STA, and Xu, Ruize, Chief Reporter of the Jiefang Daily, attended the ceremony and witnessed the trainees of this year’s playwriting workshop embarking on their dream-seeking journey.

Professor Lu Jun, director of the STA Playwriting  Research Center and founder of the “Hundred, Thousand and 10 Thousand-Character Plays” Playwriting Workshop, presided over the opening ceremony. Gu Yueyun, a representative of the trainees, started from her experience in the workshop two years ago and shared the story of how she gradually grew from an “outsider” to an “insider” of the theatre world.

More than one hundred trainees have benefited from the training in the summer workshops of the past three years, and Gu Yueyun, a teacher at the Xiangming Middle School, is one of them. A highly talented person as she is, she has unleashed a surprising energy in theatrical creation since she studied at the playwriting workshop. She cooperated with Professor Lu Jun on the creation of the script for the large-scale drama “Song of Life”, which was highly praised by experts and audiences as soon as it was put on stage, and was selected into the Script Support Project 2018 of the Ministry of Culture and Tourism. This time, she has come to participated in the advanced class and set a small goal for herself, i.e. adapting her high school teacher's biography into a large-scale drama. In addition, several other trainees have had their works published in the monthly journal “Script”. The Hundred, Thousand and Ten Thousand-Character Plays Playwriting Workshop has also been praised by the postgraduate students of playwriting studies from the Columbia University of the US as having created an incredible teaching project, which shows its magic.

At the end of the opening ceremony, Party Secretary Xie Wei highly affirmed the teaching achievements and social benefits of the Hundred, Thousand and Ten Thousand-Character Plays Playwriting Workshop, and commended the teaching team led by Professor Lu Jun for their admirable professionalism and kindness. Then, he talked about three points of his own reflection from attending the opening ceremony today: first, artistic creation originates from life, but is higher than life; second, playwrights should be good at finding highlights in ordinary life; third, playwrights should open their horizons and pay attention to life in more areas and more layers. The Hundred, Thousand and The Thousand-Character Plays Playwriting Workshop has become a brand project of STA. It is hoped that it will continue to train more campus theatrical talents for Shanghai and continue to illuminate the school campuses in Shanghai with the light of theatre.