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Cooperation project of STA Yunnan Training successfully holds “Forum on Innovation and Development of Recitation Teaching in the New Era”

2 July 2019


On 22 June, as one of the cooperation projects of the Yunnan Training Base of Shanghai Theatre Academy (STA), the “Forum on Innovation and Development of Recitation Teaching in the New Era” was held in the Yunnan Arts University. 32 teachers and postgraduate students of the professional hosting major from 25 universities in China watched reporting performance of more than ten recitation programs and participated in the seminar. Bao Lei, Associate Professor of the Broadcasting and Hosting Arts major of the STA College of Film and Television, made a keynote presentation at the academic seminar.

This forum was one of a series of activities in celebration of the 60th anniversary of the Yunnan Arts University. The preliminary preparation for the celebration activities lasted for nearly one month, and was divided into several stages, such as thematic lectures, curriculum exchanges, performances and academic exchanges. Associate Professor Bao Lei of STA and Professor Ma Di of the School of Broadcasting and Hosting Arts of the Communication University of China held thematic lectures in early June respectively, and provided the programming guidance for each and every one of the programs to be performed at the large-scale thematic recitation event entitled “Eulogizing the New Era, Building the Dream of Colorful Yunnan”.

The successful holding of this forum has laid a good foundation for the development of the projects of STA’s industry, teaching and research practical training base.