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Overseas Students of Shanghai Drama Academy Participated in the 12th Dragon Boat Race of Overseas Students in Shanghai Universities


On 1 June, the 12th International Students Dragon Boat Race, sponsored by Shanghai Municipal Education Commission and Shanghai International Students Education Research Institute, was held at the Tonghai Lake of East China University of Technology Fengxian Campus. International students from Shanghai  Theatre Academy and Shanghai Conservatory of Music form a joint dragon boat race team. They competed with more than 1,000 students from 29 universities in Shanghai, such as Fudan University and Jiaotong University, to celebrate the Dragon Boat Festival and feel the charm of Chinese traditional culture.

The dragon boat race for international students in Shanghai's universities has been held for the 12th time since 2008, and it is welcomed and loved by international students. In the competition, each team needs not only physical strength, endurance and competitiveness, but also teamwork and concerted efforts. In this year’s race, the international students from Shanghai Theatre Academy and Shanghai Conservatory of Music worked together to the fullest extent. Although they failed to enter the finals, they exercised their physique, strengthened their team spirit, met more follow international students from different countries, and further realized the spirit of cooperation of the Chinese nation to work together in the same boat. International students have all expressed that they will continue to participate in the race next year, and will mobilize more international students to join the team and strive to win honor for Shanghai Theatre Academy.