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STA arranges cultural experience and language practice activities in Suzhou for its international students

22 May 2019


In order to enable the international students at the Shanghai Theatre Academy (STA) to experience and feel the beauty of Suzhou featuring the integration of tradition and modernity for themselves, have a deeper exploration of the culture of the region south of the Yangtze River, and further deepen their understanding of Chinese culture, the International Exchange Center of STA organized nearly 30 international students from more than ten countries, including Britain, the United States, Russia, Ukraine, South Korea and Hungary, and their Chinese languages teachers to participate in the cultural experience and language practice activities in Suzhou. The activities lasted for two days. On the first day, the teachers and students visited the Suzhou Silk Museum in Suzhou City, and the second day was a trip in Xishan  Mountain to pick tea-leaves.

The purpose of this cultural experience excursion was to help international students better understand Chinese traditional culture. The international students who participated in the event expressed that they liked this way of experiencing culture very much. The International Exchange Center will regularly arrange rich colorful Chinese cultural experience activities for international students to promote Chinese culture, tell Chinese stories, spread Chinese voices, enhance friendship, and do a good job in cultural communication and exchange.