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STA holds Liu Heping's visiting professor appointment ceremony and academic lecture

22 May 2019

On the afternoon of 20 May 2019, the appointment ceremony appointing Liu Heping, Chairman of the TV Play Screenwriting Committee of the China Federation of Radio, Film and Television Social Organizations and a national first-class playwright, as a visiting professor of the Shanghai Theatre Academy (STA) and the academic lecture given by Liu Heping were held in Classroom 209 of the Red Building. Liu Heping is a well-known contemporary playwright. His representative works include stage play “Jiashenji” and TV plays “The Regime of Yongzheng”, “Ming Dynasty 1566” and “All Quiet in Peking” etc. He has won many awards such as Ministry of Culture Outstanding Contribution Award, Wenhua Award and Cao Yu Drama Literature Award. The event was chaired by Chen Jun, Dean of the Department of Theatrical Literature. Huang Changyong, President of STA, and Liu Qing, Vice President of STA, attended the appointment ceremony, and issued the certificate of appointment to Professor Liu Ping and put on the STA school badge for him. Classroom 209 was packed by teachers and students of STA and many professionals from the industry who were attracted by Liu Heping’s reputation to come to witness the ceremony together and listen to the lecture.

President Huang Changyong warmly welcomed and thanked Professor Liu Ping for his arrival. He believed that Professor Liu Ping's participation in STA’s playwriting teaching team would add vitality to the development of STA’s playwriting major and the training of future playwrights. Subsequently, Professor Liu Ping made a brief speech to thank STA for appointing himself as a visiting professor. Vice President Liu Qing introduced the curriculum of playwriting courses in STA’s Department of Theatrical Literature to Professor Liu Heping, and invited Professor Liu Ping to give a special lecture entitled My Opinions on the Narratives of TV Play Literature.

The lecture took the form of a face-to-face talk between Professor Liu Heping and Vice President Liu Qing. Professor Liu Heping, taking his own creative experience and works as examples, expounded his important viewpoints on the narratives of TV play literature in a simple language. After the talk, the audience asked questions enthusiastically, and Professor Liu Heping answered the questions one by one and engaged in interactive exchange with the audience. Professor Liu Heping's lecture had not only the professional depth and breadth in content which benefited the audience greatly, but also the humorous and witty remarks which impressed the audience. The lecture was worth savoring over and over again as well as in-depth reflection. The lecture concluded successfully with the enthusiastic applause of the audience.